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Complaints Policy And Procedure


1.1. This Complaints Policy sets out the procedures which will be followed if You wish to make a complaint about Compare Factoring Limited (Us/Our).
1.2. This policy is intended to apply to Our customers, clients, suppliers and any other members of the public. Employees should refer to Our Grievance Policy rather than using the procedures set out in this policy.


2.1 Please note that most minor issues can be resolved informally and quickly by speaking directly to Your contact at CFL. Our employees are trained to provide the highest standards of customer services and, wherever possible, will do what they can to put things right.


3.1 If Your complaint is more serious or if You have raised it informally and are not satisfied with the outcome, You may choose to make a formal complaint.
3.2 Complaints should be made in writing and sent:
3.2.1. by email to the Directors at; or
3.2.2. by post to Compare Factoring Limited, The Old Rectory Business Centre, Springhead Rd, Northfleet, DA11 8HN.
3.3. If you would prefer to speak to someone or if You are unable to make a complaint in writing, please speak to one of Our directors, Simon Jay or Iain Kemp, on 01322 741425.


4.1. Upon receipt of Your complaint, Our designated director will try to speak to You directly, where appropriate, with a view to resolving Your complaint quickly and efficiently.
4.2. If Your complaint is complicated or requires further investigation, We will confirm receipt of Your complaint in writing within three (3) business days. When doing so, We will set out Our understanding of the basis for Your complaint so that You have the opportunity to correct anything which We have misunderstood or omitted.
4.3. Depending on the nature of Your complaint, We may ask to meet with You to discuss your complaint in detail. This will usually be through an internet meeting service, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Alternatively, We may arrange a time to telephone You.
4.4. We aim to provide a full response to Your formal complaint within ten (10) business days.
4.5. If We will not be able to provide a full response to Your formal complaint within ten (10) business days, typically because We need more time to investigate the matter or because a relevant employee is absent, We will let You know in writing.
4.6. Following the completion of Our enquiries, We will let you know the outcome of Your complaint in writing, usually by email. When doing so, We will explain Our decision.


5.1. If You feel that We have misunderstood Your complaint or failed to consider an important piece of information within Your complaint, You may appeal against Our decision in writing and within ten (10) business days of the date of Our response.
5.2. We will confirm receipt of Your appeal in writing within three (3) business days and aim to provide a full response to Your appeal within fifteen (15) business days.
5.3. Once We have responded to Your appeal, there is no further right of appeal.