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Cashflow Issues for the Engineering Sector

Cost of materials

Unfavourable payment terms

Machinery costs

Distribution costs

Cashflow Solutions for the Engineering Sector

Invoice Finance

As an engineering business it is common to face cashflow challenges when looking to grow. This will include potential customers expecting some form of credit such as payment terms of 30-60 days. By releasing funds in outstanding invoices, the immediate cash injection will allow your business to continue to trade without the concern of funding larger or new projects. Invoice Finance providers will always help you credit check potential customers to ensure you are offering a sensible level of credit to each client. This is how it works:

This is how it works

Upload your invoice

Upload your invoice

Get up to  95% of your invoice immediately

Get up to 95% of your invoice immediately

Improve your cashflow

Improve your cashflow

Why would a business in the engineering sector use invoice finance:

Improve day to day cashflow

Insure your invoices

Outsource Credit Control (optional)

Grow and fund new projects

Negotiate better terms with your supplier by having the ability to pay up front or sooner

Quick and simple to set up

Does my business qualify?

No minimum turnover required

Sole Trader, LLP or Ltd Company

No Trading History Required

Asset Finance

Many Engineering firms will need to use specialist equipment and machinery to fulfil their orders. For growing companies additional machinery may need to be purchased or even upgraded to improve efficiencies. Asset Finance will allow you to purchase a variety of equipment and machinery and allow you to spread this cost over an extended period of time. This will allow your business to not have a significant upfront cost which could hinder your businesses working capital cycle. If a cash boost is required and your business already owns unencumbered equipment and machinery you may even be able to re-finance these assets for instant cash. You maintain ownership as long as you can keep up with agreed repayment terms.

Asset Finance
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