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Invoice Finance

Payment terms of 30 days plus are becoming increasingly common, and this can put a strain on your businesses cashflow. Whether you are a one-person band or outsource your content creation, slow payers will restrict you from taking your own wage or paying your suppliers.

Factoring will allow you to immediately receive up to 90% of any or all your current and future invoices. By receiving this 90% advance you will have the ability to manage your cashflow effectively pay your own bills on time! Invoice Finance could also encourage you to expand your business as an improved cashflow will give you the confidence to grow.
This is how it works:

This is how it works

Upload your invoice

Upload your invoice

Get up to  100% of your invoice immediately

Get up to 95% of your invoice immediately

Improve your cashflow

Improve your cashflow

Why would a business in the consultancy sector use invoice finance:

Improve day to day cashflow

Insure your invoices

Outsource Credit Control (optional)

Grow and fund new projects

Negotiate better terms with your supplier by having the ability to pay up front or sooner

Quick and simple to set up

Does my business qualify?

No minimum turnover required

Sole Trader, LLP or Ltd Company

No Trading History Required

Staged or milestone invoicing

Many funders in the market will avoid funding staged payments or milestone payments. The reason for this is if something further down the line in the same project goes wrong, your customer may decide to withhold payment for previous works. However, with a clear invoicing process you still will be eligible! By speaking to a specialist like us we can help you structure your invoicing process and gather quotes to show you how invoice finance can benefit your cashflow.

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