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Wholesale Industry finance

Cashflow Issues for the Wholesale Sector

Long Payment terms and late payments

Buying goods up front or not having large enough credit lines with suppliers

Not being able to fulfil large orders

Transport Costs

Cashflow Solutions for Wholesalers

Invoice Finance

Wholesalers face many cashflow difficulties from the ability to buy goods upfront to having to offer significant payment terms to customers. Factoring or Invoice Discounting will allow a wholesaler to release funds tied up in their unpaid invoices. This money can then be invested into the business to buy more products and make more money! Factoring isn’t an expensive option so although you will lose a small % of your overall margin it will allow the business to continue to grow and fulfil orders with no cashflow concerns. This is how it works:

This is how it works

Upload your invoice

Upload your invoice

Get up to  100% of your invoice immediately

Get up to 95% of your invoice immediately

Improve your cashflow

Improve your cashflow

Why would a business in the wholesale sector use invoice finance:

Improve day to day cashflow

Insure your invoices

Outsource Credit Control (optional)

Grow and fund new projects

Negotiate better terms with your supplier by having the ability to pay up front or sooner

Quick and simple to set up

Does my business qualify?

No minimum turnover required

Sole Trader, LLP or Ltd Company

No Trading History Required

Trade Finance

Need funding sooner? Invoice Finance is a great cashflow tool to help finance the back end of a businesses supply chain, however it may not always be suitable as funding can be required sooner. Trade Finance will support a business's supply chain by helping with the upfront costs of paying suppliers on a business's behalf. A trade finance specialist can also help with minimising currency fluctuations and support with the complications of importing goods into the UK.

Trade Finance Options
Solid Surfaces
Bad Debt Protection

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