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How does CHOCCS work?

  • Send an invoice to your customer as normal
  • Send a copy of the invoice to your funder
  • You will receive up to 90% within 24 hours
  • You will chase your own invoices. The funder will not contact your clients
  • Your customer will pay the funder directly
  • The remaining 10% is advanced to you minus a pre agree %

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Advantages & Disadvantages

Immediate cash injection

The lender cannot contact your customers

You maintain relationships with your customers

This cash can be used to help with growth or day to day cashflow requirements

You need to be trading with other businesses

It's not completely confidential

Funding can be restricted to how credit worthy your customers are

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Invoice Finance is a perfect way to help your business manage cashflow and to remove the headache of late payers. There are a number of ways that an invoice finance facility can be structured and it can be tailored to your preferences.

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