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How does Recruitment Pay and Bill finance work?

  • You upload candidate and client details on the providers system.
  • Timesheets are uploaded or approved online.
  • Candidate gets paid by the provider.
  • Client gets invoiced by the provider (in your name and branding).
  • You get your profit/margin weekly minus the provider's fee.
  • The outstanding money gets paid to the lender by your customer when due.

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Advantages & Disadvantages

Often no set up or minimum fees just a fixed service fee %

Back office systems included normally with no charge

Pay your workers instantly

Quick and easy to set up

No trading history required

It relies on the credit worthiness of your customer (we can help check this for you)

It only works for business to business sales

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Why not let us help you decide which financial product is right for your business? As well as Factoring and Invoice Discounting there are other options out there such as Choccs, Confidential Factoring and Spot Factoring which may be more suitable for you. All lenders offer a different selection of products and have a different funding criteria.

We can tell you what the right product is in 4 easy steps by using our Help Me Choose Tool.

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