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How does Confidential Factoring work?

  • Invoice your customer for completed works
  • Forward a copy of the invoice to your funder
  • Receive an immediate advance of up to 90%
  • The factor will chase your invoices on your behalf confidentially
  • Your customer will pay into a trust account. This is a bank account in your name, managed by the funder
  • The remaining 10% is advanced to you minus a pre agree %

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Advantages & Disadvantages

Receive an immediate cashflow boost

Can fund against current outstanding invoices as well as future invoices

Confidential agreement

The funder chases your invoices confidentially

Save time and money chasing your invoices

You may wish to maintain your own credit control

Will only work for B2B sales

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Each business will have its own preferences when looking into invoice finance, key examples being confidentiality or whether you would like assistance chasing you're invoices. As well as your preferences each lender also has their own funding criteria which needs to be met. By speaking to us at Compare Factoring we can make sure your business is looking at the right products and just as importantly that you are not wasting your time looking at funding options which your business will not be able to secure.

We can save you time and help you decide what product is right for your business. By using our Help me choose tool we can shortlist which products you qualify for based on your business and your preferences.

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