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Construction Industry finance

Cashflow Issues for the Construction Sector

Paying Wages

Buying materials

Late or long payment terms

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Cashflow Solutions for the Construction Sector

Invoice Finance

Firms in the construction industry often turn to factoring or invoice discounting to help with cashflow. Most businesses will be facing payment terms of 30-90 days and with day to day running costs this can add huge pressure for business owners to meet their working capital requirements, such as wages and purchasing materials. Construction Finance can allow a business to release funds from uncertified applications for payment, freeing up cash immediately upon issuing a valuation. Not many lenders in the factoring market are able to do this so it is imperative to speak to a specialist broker, like us at Compare Factoring, to make sure you are speaking to the right funders. This is how it works:

This is how it works

Upload your invoice

Upload your invoice

Get up to  100% of your invoice immediately

Get up to 80% of your invoice immediately

Improve your cashflow

Improve your cashflow

Why would a business in the construction sector use invoice finance:

Improve day to day cashflow

Insure your invoices

Outsource Credit Control (optional)

Grow and fund new projects

Negotiate better terms with your supplier by having the ability to pay up front or sooner

Quick and simple to set up

Does my business qualify?

No minimum turnover required

Sole Trader, LLP or Ltd Company

No Trading History Required

Construction Finance

As well as receiving an immediate advance on uncertified applications, businesses can also benefit from outsourcing their credit control function. This is optional and can be done completely confidentially, where the factoring provider will call on behalf of your business. The construction sector is a market with one of the highest percentages of business failures. To protect your business, you can look to bolt on bad debt protection which will cover you should your customers fail. This is also known as a non-recourse facility.

Construction Finance
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